Hello again!

Starting again, with high hopes and enthousiastic about the new face of my blog.

Who am I ? Well, if I were to summarise: I am a thirty something bookworm, born in Prague, former Czechoslovakia, raised in Africa by Czech parents, having studied in France and Canada, currently a working (and tired) mom of an energetic one year old, living a bit of a crazy life with a wonderful French man and a cat in Brussels, Belgium.

But this is just the outer shell – this life of mine is actually “much biggerontheinside” :-). Like my former blog (biggerontheinside.blog.com) before I grew tired of the constant server problems and moved here.

I write about all the things that strike my fancy. About books (aka happiness), food (also high on the list), travel (I wish), work(always on my mind), baby (need I even mention how much I am obsessed right now), Brussels (when I manage to get out of the house and it’s not raining), tea (actually more drinking it than writing about it, but who knows) and anything else that I find either fun/exciting/innovative/surprising/worthy to be recommended/interesting or on the contrary shocking/revolting/infuriating/crazy…

If you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them, I am sure we will get along…

Happy reading!


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