My travelling fantasy

travelI like travelling. I think this much is clear. One of my oldest travelling fantasies is taking my passport and my wallet, a change of clothes, a book, a notebook and a pen, going to the central train station and boarding the first rapid train out of there… Wherever it goes. And then – arriving in a foreign city, finding a cafe, sitting down and drawing people… then getting a place to stay for the night and then maybe travelling around a bit.

Since I hit middle age, this fantasy is still here, it has just been upgraded from the train station to the airport and from the first train to the first plane.

When I drop off people at the airport, or even if I am flying myself, I scour the announcement board for interesting destinations and always wonder – would I like to fly there? Ouagadougou, Beijing, Jakarta, Talinn, Abu Dhabi, Hanoi… So many different dreams, all different, all tempting…

Unfortunately, life is playing games with us. When we were young, we had so much time to travel with all the uni holidays, but we didn’t have the money to go anywhere far… Now that I have the money to travel where I want, I barely have the time to. Not fair but fairly common I understand. But I can still dream…


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