What I wish for

wishlistI will skip all the classic Beauty Paegant type of answers, such as world peace and prosperity and everyone to be kind and smily (although I wish for these things too of course, who wouldn’t ? ).

This is my immediate more personal and selfish Wishlist:

  1. Sleep: I have a toddler – need I say more ?
  2. Haircut – ideally the kind of haircut that would give me richer, thicker and lushier hair… and curls (I have straight hair of course).
  3. More room for books – I NEED a floor to ceiling bookcase – and while we’re at it, a secret room behind the bookcase with big pillows, where I could hide and read 🙂
  4. A goldfish – because the cat just threw up again this morning and I stepped in it…
  5. A daily sun allowance that I could count on (autumn in Belgium just started)
  6. Another pair of hands: to pick up stuff, to carry the shopping and my toddler, to be able to prepare breakfast and type at the same time… (another pair of eyes could also be handy… in the back of my head).
  7. A personal trainer – oh sorry! I actually already have one – my daughter – she makes sure that between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. I have about 20 minutes to sit down and read (or eat)… she is also a great motivation for long walks and bike rides. So I am not really sure this counts.
  8. A ring (Hello darling, hint, hint, I know you’ll be reading this !), or a necklace – It’s not that I want to be married. It is more that somehow, now that I am a mom, I would enjoy a symbol of that on me all the time: a constant reminder of my responsibilities and I find that a thin chain with a pendant around my neck or a ring on my finger could be just that… (I don’t believe in tattoos, which would be the other option I guess)
  9. Seeing my family or friends more often – I realise that my daughter will soon be one and a half and that she barely knows many of the people I love… Yes, my brother has seen her twice, my best friend has been passing through Brussels when she was a tiny baby. I would like them to be part of her life too, and more than just on Facetime. (I am a little afraid that she thinks that they are not real people but only live in the tablet.)
  10. Elegant AND comfortable high heels – I have never been very comfortable in shoes with high heels. Before my pregnancy, I still sometimes tried. Since A’s birth, I have put them on once. At least sometimes I would like to be the elegant, classy mommy, with a nice hairstyle, good make up (no red spots on face or deep circles under eyes), a spotless manicure (and pedicure – even this isn’t immediately visible) and nice high heels… I am still looking for the perfect pair of shoes that would remain comfortable even when I – take the bike, pick up the groceries, carry the toddler, drive and walk around on broken up Brussels sidewalks in mud, puddles and cobblestones.

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