Ups and downs

There are many reasons I could (or should) be in a bad mood today, because:

  • its grey, dark and cold outside (actually, it’s cold inside too…this is Belgium – it’s cold and damp…)
  • I woke up really early and feel like I need more sleep (who doesn’t?)
  • I have very little time to read
  • there was a huge traffic jam this morning
  • the project I have been working on at work is not going as it was planned
  • my back hurts and I remembered that I should book that dentist appointment…urghhh!
  • I still haven’t booked my end of the year holiday in the sun, because I am waiting for family to confirm our common Christmas plans…
  • the cat just threw up again this morning (and – you guessed – I stepped in it)


But I also have some reasons to be in a good mood today, because:

  • the cat threw up just a little, nowhere close to the stuff he used to do when he was ill (he had his operation several months ago)
  • I am wearing an amazing red coat and my new cache-coeur sweater looks lovely
  • I have just made tea and am nibbling on delicious dried mango pieces
  • autumn is ok, because my legs look awesome in boots and I look great in hats.
  • my daughter has slept through the night and ate all her breakfast
  • Holidays (and possibly holidays in the sun) are only weeks away and I will be seeing my family or enjoying the sun or both (if I’m lucky)
  • I have talked to my friends and family this weekend (I live in a different country)
  • A friend who has lived far away for some time is coming back to town in january with her family
  • I kissed my husband in front of my daughter and she laughed and said “encore” (more in French)

There are ups and there are downs, but in the end, if your day is not going well, put the kettle on…


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