10 frustrating things…

The things that frustrate me enormously on a daily basis…

  1. Getting up before dawn – even on a weekend – you see, I love my sleep, but unfortunately nowadays I am not allowed to get much of a lie in anymore. On the other hand, it just means that my daughter had a good night sleep and wants my company … I will probably regret this once adolescence arrives. And getting up early means that there is so much more time in the day to do things I (and she) want to do (together)!!! (Note: count not wanting to go to bed as a similar type of blessing…)
  2. Having to sing baby rhymes over and over again… It drives me a bit bonkers, but that’s the way she learnes and considering how quickly she is learning (to recognize parts of her body or to mime some of the songs), it may actually be helpful… and besides, it probably means my singing voice is not that bad 🙂
  3. My parents – for being so much like they always were and more… with their little manias, calling me up all the time, for always expecting me to do my best, for meddling… but that’s exactly how they helped me become who I am and – surprise – I am replicating many of their attitudes (and probably will do even more when my daughter grows up), so the person I should be really annoyed with is me, not them.
  4. My flabby stomach – yep, I should have exercised more during the post-natal period, or I should at least now, I know… but then when my daughter has a bad night and is looking for a comfy place to put her head lying next to me, she seems to find it comfortable…
  5. Disruptions – ringing phones when we are reading a picture book, little human demanding mommy’s attention when I am getting some private time on the toilet, dropping everything and running to clean up cat vomit before the baby decides to explore it…
  6. My lack of imagination – we play the animal sounds game in the car and I always run out of animals really quickly… who knows what sound does a giraffe or a snail make ? Fortunately, (for the moment) she is happy with the same ones over and over and over again…
  7. Wasting good reading time – since I lived through the baby months, I value any – even a little – personal time – and when I say personal time, I mean reading time really… I will refuse lunch with colleagues – for more reading time, I actually enjoy taking the metro – more reading time and walking home from the metro station? that is more reading time – thank god for street lighting now that night falls early.
  8. Ordering tea and getting Lipton yellow in a coffee cup or a choice between mint and fruit tea… no more explanation necessary.
  9. Having amazing inspiration for drawing or writing but not the time or energy to really put pen to paper…
  10. Feeling old in body, while my soul is young… I guess that dichotomy is just going to get worse, right ?

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