Mutual learning

What I have learned from my toddler:

  1. Enjoy my porridge. It’s magic. Related finding is: Clean porridge immediately after it’s spillt, because if needed, it can be used as glue.
  2. The sound a Monkey makes… her favourite. Other mystery sounds are the giraffe, the snail and the little mole.
  3. Patience and more patience
  4. When someone’s screaming, screaming louder will not help – speak slowly, quietly and repeat.
  5. A meal shared (with the cat, mom (against her will) or grandma on skype) is double the fun. Nowadays, I pay a toddler tax on anything that I eat – fruit, cheese, salami… surprisingly, brocolli seems to benefit from a tax exemption.
  6. Creativity is a source of endless joy. She makes me draw, sing and find original ways of preventing her from touching anything dangerous or that she would enjoy distroying – this year, for example, we will put a Christmas tree on the balcony behind the glass living room doors.
  7. Getting up early – enough said.
  8. Sometimes you just want to wear boots. All the time. At home or even to bed.
  9. You can go a long way with two words – No and More and a finger to point – to reuse while travelling…
  10. When you want something, grab it and never let go…

What my toddler seems to have learned from me:

  1. Perseverance. Or was it my husband’s stubbornness she got? Well, perseverance from me and stubbornness from him. That’s it surely…
  2. Love of books – she can’t help it, we have tons at home and she sees me with one almost every day…
  3. NO! plus the pointing finger and threatening voice… (these moments, when you see yourself in miniature…)
  4. Kissing daddy is fun 🙂
  5. Be gentle with the cat and careful not to get scratched.
  6. Drawing on her face and hands – in my case it’s make-up and nail polish, in her case it’s crayons and markers… We have a little Indian now. Howgh.
  7. Taking off her shoes and putting on her slippers (and everyone else’s slippers) when she gets home.
  8. Smile (well, I flatter myself a bit here, but I heard it said that my daughter smiles so much because we are a mostly “smiling” family… and I can’t help but agree… with a smile)
  9. Fascination by the smartphone and the tablet and watching videos on Youtube – for me it’s John Oliver, for her it’s The Wheels on the Bus and Five little ducks
  10. Fruit is the ultimate food. It can be eaten anytime – at mealtimes, in between and even instead of other foods… ( I will still need to teach her the other rule, that fruit and chocolate don’t mix…)




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