Guilty pleasures

My current top 5 guilty pleasures:

  1. weekly Balinese massage head to toe (I can’t believe I never did this before ! I must have been crazy ! it’s the highlight of my “me time” every week) – I plan it for Wednesday mid-day, so that it cuts the week-long office craziness in half by something pleasant
  2. chocolate “bio-Sahne” creamy puding from Andechser    front_13_100
  3. stealing sprouted organic chickpeas (not yet cooked) from the glass bowl where it is supposed to be sprouting
  4. reading a new belgian magazine featuring really interesting articles and packed full in bright, colourful and feminine design and illustrations – the Flow (
  5. Sleep (of course, couldn’t forget this one!)- in the sun spot on my bed on a glorious sunday morning… after a hot bath… with a minimum of clothes on… Bliss.



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