Mondays suck – take care of yourself !

Ok, so my last post has not been the most positive. What can I say. It’s monday, and as anyone familiar with Garfield knows – Mondays suck:

mondays suck

In an attempt to lift the mood, I wanted to propose to you a personally tested recipe of how taking care of oneself creates a “positive” spiral of feeling good and optimistic.

You don’t believe me ? Here is a short step-by-step guide how to make your day better:

  1. You open your eyes and think – I may have time to have a cup of tea today AND I have a massage planned for Wednesday ! Oh, and I have slept through the night ! Not one single wake up call from the little one ! (Then you get up and go check the babyphone to make sure it still works…)
  2. You change from your pyjamas and comb your hair to happily realise that you still have some (hair).
  3. You have your first cup of tea standing up at the counter, while your husband is chasing your daughter around the flat trying to put her sweater (socks, pants, hat…) on, because it’s chilly outside.  You feel grateful that he is such a “hands-on” father.
  4. Your daughter has learnt a new word today! –  “Y PEU” (il pleut) – because yes, it’s  raining again in Brussels. Please forgive me if my enthousiasm is not too evident. I would rather show her what the sun looks like… well another time then.Then, before you leave you get a major hug from the little miss – so cute ! It’s wonderful having children !
  5. You find 5 spare minutes (success !) and actually put on make-up before going to work – only to have your colleague ask “what’s wrong ?”- with a compassionate face and a remark: “I noticed you usually put on make up when you have had a really crappy night and don’t feel too good”. Thank you, no, today it was just to try to look my age (under forty 🙂 ).
  6. You had your nails done on saturday, nice and white french manicure. Your hands look lovely. And you did a major clean and shine job on your office shoes last night….  You feel good until you notice that the black shoe cream stuck to some of the nails (under them) and is a pain to get off without a brush (and you’re at work without a brush of course).
  7. You put on a nice new embroidered blouse that actually fits (not all your clothes do anymore, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, I wonder why that is), and even suits you. It’s when you line up for coffee in the office cafeteria that you realise that your lovely daughter has wiped her running nose on your shoulder (remember the nice hug in nr. 4?) and creep back to your office in shame…
  8. You told your husband you would go to the gym this week, and really mean it this time. Actually there is a nice class – the only one you actually enjoy – on Wednesday starting at 17:30 close to your house. You put it in your calendar just in case. Then your boss calls that there are some people you need to meet with on Wednesday – you say ok – the whole day is free. Opening your calendar, you realise that the meeting is scheduled until exactly 17:30 – there is no way you can make your sports class this week.
  9. You try to write a bit every day, you have a blog to feed and it is good for you to write… get things out of your system… You suddenly realise that just when you wanted to get more readership, the only things you feel like writing about are terribly depressing…(see my last post) 🙂 Or maybe it’s just that it’s monday (and – dare I repeat myself – Mondays suck- as Garfield has taught us).
  10. You stop writing and decide that the next post will be a bit more cheerful. Promise.

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