Toddler and mommy tantrums


Random reasons for a tantrum when you’re a toddler:

  1. No eggs for breaksfast
  2. Taking off pyjamas
  3. Not allowed to wear mommy’s panties to kindergarten (on head)
  4. Not allowed to wear wellies (2 sizes bigger) to kindergarten (on wrong feet)
  5. Vegetables touch pasta on plate
  6. Not taking the bike to kindergarten (pouring rain or ice)
  7. Dad forgot to put on his helmet (when on bike)
  8. Wrong colour scarf
  9. Closed tap (washed hands 5 times already and splashed water all around)
  10. Putting on pyjamas

mom tantrum

Random reasons for a tantrum when you’re a mom:

  1. Toddler won’t eat anything but eggs for breakfast
  2. Toddler took off her pants (and socks) for the third time this morning, while pulling on her wellies (parents in a hurry to get out of the house)
  3. Need to change self for a third time before leaving the house (egg stain on top, porridge stain on jacket, nappy cream on back of pants)
  4. Pants don’t fit (oh, even worse, bra doesn’t fit)
  5. Dad getting up late, taking a long shower and getting dressed (while mom feeds, chases, catches, immobilises, changes, dresses a screaming toddler) and then complaining that mom still in pyjamas (“when we should be leaving in 10 minutes”)
  6. Stuck in a huge traffic jam – because we left the house 40 minutes after the planned time
  7. No chocolate left, no wine left
  8. Oh no ! No tea left either – this is a REAL emergency!
  9. No internet (usually Friday or Sunday evenings when you finally have time to sit down…) or computer bugs
  10. No life (sigh)… (usually when listening to single friends or looking at their lovely holiday pictures from Goa or Tahiti…)



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