Procrastination and me


What I do when I have something difficult, ambitious and possibly lengthy to do and don’t feel like diving into it:

At the office

  • I clean my desk. Can’t work with so many papers on my desk. Oh, here is something I forgot about… Hmmm, I have to create a new folder for this… Oh, it’s time to go home…
  • I go make myself a cup of tea or go for lunch
  • I read the newspapers – I have to keep aware of what’s going on in the world, that’s also part of my job, right?
  • I clean out my inbox – oh, this can go on for days… 1842 unread e-mails for now, spam or newsletters or other unimportant mail (kept just in case) …
  • I pay my bills online
  • I write to do lists
  • I water the office plants
  • I start reading important (but not urgent) reports that have piled up on my desk
  • I organise my personal drive
  • I do small simple things that can be done in 30 minutes (answering e-mail) instead of diving into something complex and hard.
  • I check available online courses and plan training
  • I plan my holidays.
  • I check twitter and Facebook.
  • I look up background information on partners/organise my paper folders.
  • I wash the dishes in the office kitchen. (Yes, even this !)

At home

  • I make myself a cup of tea
  • I make something to eat
  • I go wash my hair
  • I read with my daughter
  • I read (without my daughter)
  • I doodle
  • I call grandma on Facetime
  • I go make my bed
  • I fold laundry
  • I make shopping lists and go shopping

But then, eventually, I stress too much and dive in… and half the time, I realise that it wasn’t half as bad as I thought…


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