Entertaining a toddler – your presence is enough

If you are exhausted and your chores are piling up because you spend (almost) all your waking hours entertaining your toddler (or preventing him/her from either destroying your house or flinging himself from the kitchen table), wake up ! Things CAN be different with no guilt attached. Your presence is enough. Science confirms. I have found … More Entertaining a toddler – your presence is enough

New fathers

When I was a child, fathers were the ones who worked in important and responsible (and a bit mysterious) jobs – to feed the family, they were not to be disturbed when reading the paper or watching the news. Fathers drove the family car, organised hikes and represented the family in the world – whether that meant the … More New fathers

Scents and smells

There is a saying in Czech fairy tales, usually uttered by a “baddie” (the devil, a monster or a dragon) when in presence of a hidden human fairy tale hero who will outwit him in the end: I smell, I smell a human (Čuchám, čuchám člověčinu!). And that’s what I think of, when I ponder … More Scents and smells

What I wish for

I will skip all the classic Beauty Paegant type of answers, such as world peace and prosperity and everyone to be kind and smily (although I wish for these things too of course, who wouldn’t ? ). This is my immediate more personal and selfish Wishlist: Sleep: I have a toddler – need I say more ? … More What I wish for